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Amsterdam Man Finds Tourist in His Bed

In a rather extreme development for the ever-evolving vacation rentals industry, one British tourist has pioneered a way to stay in Amsterdam without booking a room. After becoming drunk, separated from his friends, losing his phone and unable to find his way back to his hotel (in other words, a pretty typical stag night), the innovative chap simply climbed through an open window, crawled into bed and slipped into a well-deserved sleep.

The owner of the apartment, named Erik, remained blissfully unaware of his guest while watching television before heading to bed and getting the shock of his life. He woke the British tourist, who seemed to be under the groggy impression he was in a hotel, so, Erik summoned the police. In the station, it was apparent that the Brit was still stoicious drunk, so, they let him sleep it off and later released him without charge. So, it works.

Erik explained to the Dutch media that he was in the habit of leaving the window open so that his cat could get in and out. Lots of people in Amsterdam own cats, so, don’t waste your time or money booking accommodation with Airbnb or AmsterdamEscape, just practice pretending to be a cat while drunk and, once you get to Amsterdam, keep a lookout for open windows.

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