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Anne Frank Sex Controversy Rocks Amsterdam Museums

The management of the Anne Frank House, one of the Amsterdam’s most well-known museums, have led the outcry against the sizzling hot poster campaign promoting this year’s Museum Night, which takes place, next week, on the 1st of November.

The organisers have expressed surprise that the complaining museums have found the content to be objectionable because, when they hired Playboy photographer Govert de Roos to take the photos, featuring naked people in a range of provocative poses, they made it very clear to him that he should keep it classy.

Pointing in bewilderment at the image pictured above, the spokesman for the Anne Frank House explained “We don’t recognise ourself in the theme ‘sex sells, art sells’ … what does this have to do with Jews hiding in attics?”

Echoing his sentiment, a spokeswoman from the Nemo Science Museum asked “What does this have to do with science? And why is that woman eating her necklace?”

Other museums have, however, hailed the campaigns success in getting the target group of 18 to 35-year-olds to briefly look up from their phones. Caroline Vos of the N8 Museum Night foundation, acknowledging that this was the world’s first walkable museum promotion, said “Young people think the posters are beautiful and cool”.

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