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Beheading leads to Cafe Closure

Customers of The Fayrouz Lounge on the Amstelveenseweg, near the popular Vondel park in Amsterdam, have been devastated to learn that, from now on, they will have to find somewhere else to smoke their water pipes and plan their violent robberies.

Popular with Amsterdam’s Moroccan criminal gangs, The Fayrouz Lounge shisha cafe was already firmly on the radar of the city’s authorities. The chaos caused by these gangs, known locally as the Mocro Maffia and currently engaged in a major turf war known as the Mocro War, has often left the authorities seeming paralyzed as they struggle to cope with the gap between the theory of how mass immigration was meant to work and the actual reality. The final straw for The Fayrouz Lounge, however, came earlier this month when the decapitated head of 23-year-old Nabil Amzieb was found outside the cafe, showing no signs of life.

The bloody head was placed right outside, positioned to stare blankly ahead at the Fayrouz Lounge. Nabil is not believed to have been an important player in the Moroccan gang scene, so, experts believe this killing was intended to send a message – worth bearing in mind the next time you find yourself complaining about how much time teenagers spend sending messages on Snapchat and LINE.

Amsterdam’s no-nonsense mayor Eberhart van der Laan sprung into action, calling it “a gruesome find”  and “a shock to public order”, using his executive powers to shut the cafe down. The authorities are alarmed by the deeper implications, wondering whether the Moroccan youths have been influenced by the highly profitable barbarism of the Mexican drug cartels or the seductive Islamism of ISIS, and they are not at all sure which might turn out to be the more horrific nightmare for the future of Amsterdam.

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