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Foreign Rapists to be Imported to The Netherlands

Don’t believe the doom-and-gloom merchants, the Dutch economy is showing promising signs of growth. Of the many new revenue-generating schemes that the government is turning its hands to, perhaps the most interesting is the provision of outsourced imprisonment for the convicts from other countries.

The Belgian government already pays for 550 of their prisoners to be kept in a Dutch prison and, now, oil-rich Norway is the latest country to decide that it is worth paying to have another country take care of their criminal scum.

The Norwegian prisoners, including violent offenders and sex offenders, will be kept in facilities following Norwegian rules and guidelines, but the staff will be Dutch, creating several hundred jobs. The Norwegians are also particularly interested in sending foreign prisoners who, after completing their sentences, are due to be deported anyway.

Although we would never dream of doubting the wisdom of our government, we are rather puzzled by this new money-making scheme: surely, rather than earning money by taking the prisoners of other countries, it would make more sense to save money by outsourcing our own miscreants to a country that is even cheaper, such as Thailand or, even better, Egypt where, frankly, we probably wouldn’t even have to pay for return airfares. It is a fairly safer bet that crime in Amsterdam would plummet once it became clear that a conviction was likely to mean a short, brutal life as a sex-toy and punching-bag in some Cairo hell-hole.

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