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How to Stroll Away When Arrested by Armed Police in Amsterdam

Depending on the type of vacation you are planning to have in Amsterdam, you are unlikely to have any contact with the police.

If, however, at any point, you do find yourself surrounded by a group of uniformed officers, all pointing their guns at you and shouting in Dutch, you might benefit from the intriguing technique demonstrated in this video of a recent armed traffic stop in Amsterdam.

The first part of the trick is to not to get shot. That’s all, just a small point but an important one: simply keep it together and don’t do anything that might get you shot, until the second part, which is when the police become distract and run away from you.

At that point, as demonstrated here, you have two options:

A. You can madly dash across the other side of the motorway and get your arse as far away, as quickly as possible – this is the traditionally method favored by criminal escapees down through the ages.


B. You can calmly turn around and casually stroll away on the same side of the road, only glancing back once to make sure that the officer standing just twenty meters away and staring at you in astonishment doesn’t suddenly remember he has a police dog he could send after you. Maintaining your nerve and your relaxed walking speed, you slip down a side alley and disappear from view. That ten points for style, and zero points for competent policing.

Enjoy the video:

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