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If You Have to Ask the Price …

If you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it.

In fact, even if don’t have to ask the price, you still can’t afford it. None of us can. None of us except for Won Yip

Amsterdam entrepreneur Won Yip – owner of Majestic, Players, Europub, cafe black and the Heineken Hoek – attended the Masters of LXRY trade fair last year (I didn’t go myself because I’m still trying to master basic essentials). There, Won saw a model of the Pontsteiger building (Het Pontsteigergebouw), currently being built on the site of an old dockside timberyard.

Well, Won must have really loved that model because he has now slapped down €16m for a penthouse apartment on the 25th floor. That makes it the most expensive apartment in the history of Amsterdam.

We hope Won and his wife enjoy their new penthouse but, if they feel like making a little extra money, Robert Monroe from says they will always be welcome to list it there as a vacation rental.

pontsteigergebouw pontsteigergebouw2

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