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Don’t go Dutch, Let the Woman Pay!

Yet more startling news from the Dutch National Statistics office: women between the ages of 25 and 30 now earn more than men in the same age group.

This is terrific news, in a country where men were already so reluctant to foot the bill that the concept of splitting the bill has become known, worldwide, as “Going Dutch”. Now, however, there is a solid, statistical basis for going one step further and asking women to pay the whole damn bill.

Bear in mind the shock news, recently reported here, that women now vastly outnumber men in the cities of the Netherlands, leading to the formation of organised hunt teams throughout the country. In this context, many Dutch men are not only questioning whether they should be paying their share for meals but, also, whether they should actually be charging for their time.

Dutch women have reacted with typical pragmatism and are now discussing the option of rebalancing the gender ratio by importing large numbers of foreign men. The recent collapse of the Ruble means that Russian men currently represent good value for money, but with the potential downside of alcoholism and regular beatings. A large number of Syrian men have also recently entered the market, but there may be certain cultural gaps there too.

Ultimately, the women of the Netherlands may simply have to accept their new position as the high-earning breadwinners in pursuit of a limited supply of buxom Dutch males.

This writer would like to note, however, that if Dutch women do decide to look beyond their own nationality, Irish males represent particularly good value for money, all wrapped up in a reasonably sober, twinkly-eyed package.

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