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Looking for a Dutch Girlfriend? Forget Amsterdam, Go To Utrecht

Obviously, the highest aspiration any red-blooded male can have is to, somehow, snare a beautiful, blonde girlfriend from the Netherlands. All over the world, men of every nationality and race secretly harbour this desire, tactfully closing their eyes while making love to their girlfriends and imagining they are making frantic, passionate love to a Dutch beauty. The mere thought of a dutch women is the world’s mental viagra.

Well, through the clever analysis of recent data provided by the Dutch National Statistics Office, that golden dream may finally be in reach for men everywhere. It turns out that Dutch women have been clustering in the city of Utrecht.

There is a similar pattern, throughout the world, of females migrating towards cities, where the selection of administrative and secretarial jobs is higher, but, for some reason, Utrecht is attracting even higher numbers of women than the country’s capital, Amsterdam. In Utrecht, there are 138 women, between the ages of 20 and 25, for every 100 males in the same age group.

This imbalance introduces an element of competition that dramatically increase the cahnce that a women will say “yes” to your offer of a date, even if they notice the hypodermic syringe hanging out of your arm. Women outnumber men in Amsterdam too, but to nowhere near the same degree, and asking if they want to come on a date can often result in harassment charges.

So, if you are an available male who wants to maximise his chances of a date on a Saturday night, try your best to be in Utrecht*.

Even better, the cost of dating in Utrecht is substantially cheaper than in Amsterdam, not only because pubs and restaurants charge far lower prices but also because, unlike Amsterdam women, most Utrecht woman will happily accept a huge wheel of cheese instead of a night out.

*This website takes no responsibility for any psychosis you may encounter, or any mental and physical abuse you may suffer while dating Dutch women.

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